Wahoo- home!

I am home- yay! I am excited to be here and the weather is a little warmer... although I love making snowballs and watching the snowflakes fall like glitter! I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends! I will also be doing some nanny work while I am home.


So, I checked out some of my residents today and it went well. It is such a great feeling to be done with finals! It has snowed a little and I have to pack! Yahoo!

The 12th day of December

It is cold and snowy outside as I sit cross-legged at my computer. I am supposed to be studying for my history and grammar finals tomorrow, but this new blog entices me! Okay... prime time tonight! We are studying and making blueberry muffins. Stud...y muffins- get it? We are also going to be eating kettle corn.
That's all for now! :)