Family Theme Night #2- Game Night

We had our 2nd Family Theme Night, and we had the Uptown boys plus Brian come over!!
We dressed up as candy land pieces...

We made checkerboard pizza!

Caitlin made an amazing candy land cake!!!!

We had a sweet game table and played cranium! The girls won! (what's new?) :)

Group pic!

Family Theme Night #1- Fancy Feast

So, we had our first Family Theme Night (at the beginning of the year...)
It was Fancy Feast (a formal dinner for freshm
en) and we had so much fun!! I made some yummy food, lit candles, and played some nice music, provided by Jessie!

We took a picture on our porch. Hooray!!

Here's a post for G and G!!

So, I got a lovely email informing me that I do not update my blog. It hurt, but it only hurt because I know 'tis true.

Grandpa, here is another post!! :) Hooray!!

I am loving being here at school. My frisbee team is so amazing- we have 20 people on our team! We are the Ninja Turtles and we are in power league- which is the harder of the two leagues! We have games about once a week and they are so fun. I LOVE playing and my teammates are really good and I love to cheer them on when I am not playing (because we have a lot of subs!) Here is a picture at my house after a game. I invited everyone over for pizza (get it?) and most of my team was there!!