Mod(ge) Podged Journals!

I love mod podge. It is so fun and looks fabbb when you have crafted all the little pieces together! I made these 2 years ago but wanted to post this to the (crafting) world.

The first two journals:
 The next two journals:
And I wrapped them with raffia/wraphia and brown packaging paper!

oh no.

Since I have been crocheting my fingers off working on a blanket for Hopie I decided to pursue some other crafty endeavors. I decided to make a hat for Linda.

I saw a cutie pattern on the web and I crocheted the whole darn thing. I looked a little weird but I thought it would come together. It didn't.

It was the worst thing I ever laid my eyes on. And I am not one to exaggerate.

Linda, maybe the last time I saw you your head was pointy. Oh wait, that was when we went to the mall on April Fool's Day 10 years ago. Hm.

My only option was to unravel my beautiful... and by beautiful I mean horrific creation. Dangit.

It took all day and night and here I am the next day with the sad ball of softie yarn.

I will try something else as soon as I manage to pull myself off the floor.

On becoming a crochet queen


I have decided to take up crocheting. I have not crocheted before (I started a beanie a few years back and never finished… that should not count, right?) and I was excited and nervous to take up a new form of crafty.
I met with a group at my school and we crocheted the afternoon away. It was lovely. My first scarf, however, was not.
It was holey and crooky and not that good, people.
Yet onward I crocheted. I ended up making 3 for Operation Gratitude. I had my students help me and it was fun. Our next project for our crocheting group was beenies for preemies. Or beanies. or preamies. or whatever.
I am just about done with my first tiny beanie. Love it.
(maybe I am a crochet princess because I don’t think I am a queen quite yet.)


I enjoy reading...

the Bible, rando blogs, books, magazines in line...

and I found a sweet giveaway! Go here to her blog!

It is cold, sunny, and winter is here. Even though winters in San Jose will never, ever compare to a Spokane winter. or a Spokane spring, for that matter!