Koshery Store

If I ever open a store selling only Kosher foods I think I have an idea that just might work...

Your Guyses

Here is another grammar itch:

When people say "your guyses."

Grammar lame-o: "How were your guyses weekends?"

Grammar snob: "How was everyone's weekend?"
or "How were each of your weekends?"

Your guyses is not correct English. Please never say this again!

Of vs. Have: Who will win?

Grammar peeve:

When people replace of for have when they are writing or talking using the past participle.

Grammar meanie: I shouldn't of gone there.
Grammar freak: I shouldn't have gone there.

Oh, grammar, how I love thee.

An Open Letter to Tyler Stanton

This week I got my 4 copies of Everyday Absurdities in the mail! The book is absolutely hilarious and I am excited to give some away!

Now the reason I am blogging about this is because:

1. It is an everyday absurdity.
2. I emailed Tyler a while ago and all I got was an auto-response.
3. In addition to the auto-response it said his stinkin' inbox was full.

So here I am today.

One of these is not like the others...

I opened it up...

... and I got double the fun halfway through:

I think it could be a collector's item! Maybe I should try to sell it on ebay!

Or I could always use it for my coffee table.