3 months

Well, it has been 3 months since my last post so I guess it is time for another update. oops.

I don't really know if anyone reads this (except for you Linda, and Grandma and Grandpa!) but that is okay :)

I have been making cards all morning. I LOVE doing that. I made some really cute ones with cardstock that I bought from Joann's fabrics. I used blank cards and went to town. Also, today I bought some shoes for a 2 kids in a family that our small group is adopting for Christmas...

I still love teaching although it is really hard. The parents are so challenging at times and the kids will sometimes suck the patience right out of me. Yet, through prayer I am able to rely on God and HIS love for me- which I can give to others.

Hooray for HIM changing me!!

And I will be an aunt.

Yessssssssss. I love babies. :)

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  1. yeah you know i read it! even if I am a month late.

    I also love babies and I love that you are a teacher!

    God is good :)


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