It was my baby sister's sweet 16 on May 10th. It was my golden doodle birthday on the 24th.

We celebrated last night at Benihana using our sweet 30 dollar certificates! It was one of the funniest nights in a while. We were crazy.

On her birthday she turned into a crazy hipster.

Note the baby in yellow.

Then she got her ears pierced.

Then she got her driver's licence. If I had a smartphone instead of a dumb normal phone I could post the screen shot of her finger clenching/I am so freaking excited text.

I changed this little one's diapers when she was a babskie. Oh MAN!

Happy Birthday Priscilla!

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  1. PRISCILLA IS SO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hahah I totally didn't see "the baby in yellow" at first HAHAH


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