Why you should eat placenta

(Rick and Ray were bugging me about eating placenta after writing this post so I decided to write a tinsy explanation.)

About a year ago my sister and I ate the placenta of her daughter. She had been wanting to try it ever since she was pregnant and she even joked about making placenta lasagna. Yes.

After their home birth, her midwife encapsulated the placenta and we drank that puppy down! Don't worry- I couldn't taste it. It was just like taking vitamin C. Except it was in the womb for 9 months and was in a white bowl after my niece was born.

You should eat it because...

- It is nutritious.

- Some cultures eat it! (My sister, husbie, and babyski and babski in the oven are all moving to Zimbabwe so it is just the start of eating weird things...)

-You can be pla centa of attention when you tell people about the day you ate it!

-Maybe it can help with post partum depression. Or if you are the aunt it can probably help in some way too.

That's all. Who wants to try it?!?! Maybe if/when I have kids I can serve you up some lasagna if you come over. You won't even know it's in there...


  1. You get +5 points for making me laugh at the pun.

    You lost 287,416.7 points for bringing this back up...

    just like my lunch.

    It's seriously churning my stomach.

  2. I think I might have just thrown up a bit in my month. Whenever I have a kid I'll mail you the placenta if you'd like! ha

  3. I will find different ways to be pla centa of attention... thank you.


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