Back at school :)


I am back at Whitworth and loving it! I was welcomed back from Honduras into the country by a group of my wonderful friends... it was a great welcome! :) It has been so fun to hang out with friends these past few weeks. We have had LOTS of fun eating and playing and watching Wall-E! I have kept busy with school at Whitworth and school at Shiloh. I have been at class at Whitworth for the past 3 weeks (3 days a week) and at Shiloh (2 days a week) and tomorrow (!) I begin my full-time student teaching with my 1st graders. They are so cute and I am excited to spend time with them. It will be a challenge, but I am up for it. 
There is still lots of snow around, but fortunately most of the roads and sidewalks are dry and fine to walk/drive on! It was sunny today so that was nice!

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