More school

So... I have been full-time student teaching for a little over a week now! I usually get to the school at 8am and will stay until 4pm, although it has been earlier or later on some days. I am starting to teach math this week and will be the Star of the Week! (For that, my pictures and information are up in a certain area on the wall. I will talk about myself and my pictures on Thursday and then the students do a small writing prompt on me!!) :)

The kids are so funny and I have loved some of the things they have said or written down. Gotta love that 1st grade spelling! I have also been invited to a sleepover ("My mom will think it's okay!")... so good.

Well, that's all! 


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  1. you are such a star.

    i want a sleepover with gabriella!!!

    miss you!

    love love love


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