On becoming a crochet queen


I have decided to take up crocheting. I have not crocheted before (I started a beanie a few years back and never finished… that should not count, right?) and I was excited and nervous to take up a new form of crafty.
I met with a group at my school and we crocheted the afternoon away. It was lovely. My first scarf, however, was not.
It was holey and crooky and not that good, people.
Yet onward I crocheted. I ended up making 3 for Operation Gratitude. I had my students help me and it was fun. Our next project for our crocheting group was beenies for preemies. Or beanies. or preamies. or whatever.
I am just about done with my first tiny beanie. Love it.
(maybe I am a crochet princess because I don’t think I am a queen quite yet.)

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