When/If I am a mom...

Things I hope I never do as a mom:
Forever Refer to my child’s age in months (after they are 1 year.)  I cannot tell you how stunned I feel when someone talks about their 30 month old. Really? You can’t just say 2 and a half? Please drop kick the months and warmly embrace the years.

Tell them to say things when they have not learned how to talk yet. Moms, I know it is a kind gesture, but please don’t ask your 3 week old to talk to me. They can’t. you can tell me thank you for the blanket, though.

Forever carry my baby in the infant car seat. I work in our church nursery and there was a mom who would carry in the infant car seat with her little girl inside. When the mom was ready to go, she would take her daughter out, and her daughter would then walk around! If she can walk, please do not carry her around in the car seat.

Try to lose the stubborn baby weight.
Just kidding.

Things I hope to do when I am a mom:
Wear my baby! I L. O. V. E. babywearing and will rock the Moby like it is a part of me for the first few months of my child’s life. When they get bigger I will wear the Ergo as much as I possibly can.

Let my kid eat some weird stuff. My sister rocks at this. Well, my sister and I had tea parties under the kitchen table eating dust, dry bread, and dead flies treats leftover from previous meals. Sick. Blech. But we turned out with great immune systems so I guess it worked.

Dress my baby up in awesome costumes, outfits, and wigs. They are powerless so this is the only time I will have ultimate control of how they look. I will get socked later but I think it is totally worth it.

Talk in a high, silly baby voice. We all do it. It is inevitable. I think babies really like it.

What do you hope to do or not do when you are a mom or a dad? If you are a parent, what things have you done that you thought you would never do?


  1. I'm going to be so guilty of making my newborn talk. I apologize in advance.

    Is it any different if I make the kid say funny things?

    I also have a bad habit of making newborns do the YMCA...

  2. 1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.
    2. You're hilarious. I'm coming back to read more in the future. :)

  3. Did you try to leave a comment on my blog? I thought I saw one and then Blogger was rebelling against the world, so I checked the next day and it was gone.

    Also, you can have this pun for free: Bono's internet loads so fast because he serves a God who's not short on cache.

  4. hahahhahaha "they are powerless" hahahhah

    p.s. love how you are blogging more. so great.

  5. Ricky, I totally support making kids say weird things. (Just don't say it for them...)
    Lesley, yay!
    Z46- oops! we hate blogger! (and thanks for the pun. Do you do work pro bono?)
    LJE :)

  6. I agree with all of these. The other day I was helping my sister move and we found her old Moby. I slipped it on and threw her 2 1/2 year old in it. Sad thing, the kid loved it and didn't want me to take it off.


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