I am a sewer! (Or is it seamstress?)

(Before I start I must show you my dreamy new niece Mercy Jael. She was born at home in Zimbabwe to my amazing sister and brother-in-law.)

She is the sister of this crazy girl:

My sister told Hope to smile and this is the face she made.

Alright. Back to why I am writing.

I am crafty. Here are some things I have been working on. Get excited.

I sew! I have been sewing since I was in high school and I love giving away blankets to people who had tiny little babies come. Meow I am selling them on etsy. WOO!

So if you have the desire to buy one please check out my etsy site! I have wanted to make one for a while and I finally did it!

My incredibly talented and cute friend Amy and I gathered some Manzanitas from Lake Tahoe and made jewelry trees! So neat- right? (My photography is not thaaat good. You know how a photo of a sunset never can capture how it truly looks... kinda like that.)

I love the shape of this one!

ALSO I crocheted some hippie headbands. SO freaking cute.

If you would like one please email me at naturegirlcreates {at} gmail {dot} com and I will mail you one! Fo free99. Just because I like you. And because you are reading the words that are coming out of my mouth the letters that my fingers are pushing.

Here are my brothers in them. But you can be a girl and wear them too and be transformed into a hippie. or hipster. or both!

(In your email please say which color(s) you would like and what is the girth of your head. (Just measure around where you will wear the headband and tell me how many inches. Or you can tell me small, medium, or large head.) Plus also maybe your name and address.)

The end. Love ya!


  1. Hmm. Have never been asked about the girth of my head before. That just made me chuckle.

  2. gabriella !!! I love it! i also love that you have an etsy.

    miss you


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