Weird things

Here are a bunch of weird things from my life:

My phone told me I had 240 new voicemails. WHAT?!?!?!

We did not not stuff it with onions...
Hope's crazy face!

Our family went to Tahoe with the Hahns after Christmas. There was no snow though!

We went hiking! (This is where I found the branches for my jewelry trees.)
Look how dedicated I am.

Okay, folks! I have sold 2 jewelry trees from my etsy shop! WOO! (I kinda feel bad though... they are just branches I found. And people are buying them.) If you would like to buy one (or a flannel baby blanket) browse around my shop!

For Christmas I gave my parents a gift of a hike and lunch (where we practiced the phone stack)! (I love Advent Conspiracy.)
We went to Monte Bello Open Space Preserve. The view was amazing!
We loved it.

I found this outside of my door at camp. Holy huge long-legged bug. 

Taking family photos has never been our strong point.
This was our most normal one in this sweet family photo shoot by the amazing Gavin Duffy:

Photo by Gavin Duffy

We went to get our Christmas tree in the mountains and wanted to get a family photo...

Once you start...
...others have to join in!
It's congtagious!

Melissa loved it.

I took a buttlong time to crochet a baby blanket for Hope. Walaa!

On Tuesday Michelle and I made Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. They are THE BEST rolls I have ever had or made. She posted a picture and look how many comments it received. (Most of the comments are from 3 ridiculous people but STILL.)

I also made her Perfect Iced Coffee.

Photo by Ree Drummond

It's a cold brew so you just let it sit out for a lot of hours. It is less acidic than brewed coffee and really yummy. I tried her Vietnamese version and I LOVE IT. It is SO SO SO good. The sweetened condensed milk is ... I really have no words to properly describe it.

Photo by Ree Drummond

 NOW it is your turn. Please make the rolls and iced coffee and tell me what you think. Also- any weird things you want to share?


  1. cold brew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. really.... 240??!

  3. I just looked through all the pictures for your families photo shoot and I only have 5 words: I'm jealous of your family.

  4. Your face in your family photo is incredible. Well done!


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