Nature Girl has some fun!

Being a naturalist has been so incredible.

I mean... I get paid to hike around all day, act insane in ridiculous skits, teach 11 year-olds about science, and be sarcastic with kids who don't really get sarcasm. (Story: I told a story about why we shouldn't use sticks to help us hike and the story involved a camper named Bob who tripped and was speared through the stomach with his stick thus receiving the name shishkaBob... hahaha not really funny but just a story regarding hiking sticks. I realized they did not get the joke when one of my students asked me, "Did he go to the hospital?) Teaching outdoor science has been really wonderful but also challenging. I am not a huge science nut, but I have been learning new words such as crepuscular, protist, and other cool words I can't think of right now...

There have been a few highlights:

Having one of the chickens at the garden fly frantically out of a student's arms

Eating bobcat scat*

This night

Placing mannequin legs in strange places for my cabinmates to see

There is currently a raccoon on my porch as I type this. I tried to take a picture of it with my computer but it was too dark. So, inspired by the queen of ugly faces, I knew I had no option:

And finally, being called Nature Girl all week

I love my job.

Nature Girl

*Or, a Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar that I have rolled into a very believable turd.

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