Song love

In celebration of going to this bluegrass festival in San Fran this weekend I wanted to post some dreamy songs for your ears to enjoy.

I want you to be my love- Over the Rhine

Only God can save us now- Over the Rhine

When you come back down- Nickel Creek

The fox- Nickel Creek

Down to the river to pray- Alison Krauss

Long time traveller- Wailin' Jennys

One voice- Wailin' Jennys

Any songs you want to recommend?


  1. when was the festival???? i love all these songs :)

  2. It was this past weekend but I didn't go... long story but I am so glad you love these songs. :)

  3. I like the OTR inclusion here. They've been one of my favorites for a long, long time. Uh...14 years now? 1997 + 14 = 2011? Wow. Both they and I are getting old, I guess.


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