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So when I joked that I had gotten 35 bites sitting at the computer desk, I thought I was being random with my HUGE number. Unfortunately, I was not. This morning I counted 31 bites on my legs. I have since found more. Greeeaaaaat. Well, I forget where I left off, but yesterday Cait and I went to two malls that are super close to each other. There were some stores and restaurants we recognized... such as Subway, Pizza Hut, and Tommy Hilfiger. There was a movie theather on the top floor, and it was only L60 to watch a movie! L stands for Lempira, the currency here, and it is about 20 Lempiras to the US dollar!! There were guards standing outside of some of the stores, as well as lots of guards on bikes circling the mall. Coolp. We bought Quiznos for dinner and walked back to our bed and breakfast. We put the food in the fridge for dinner. Showers and internet time followed... and we watched some random things on the TV. There are some channels that are totally in Spanish, some that are in English with Spanish subtitles, some that are American shows or movies that have Spanish dubbed over, and some are just in English. I saw part of Get Smart and ALIAS that had Spanish dubbed over... and we watched House and Friends in English. Then we ate dinner in the cutie courtyard outside.

This morning, we got up and ate breakfast. It was an omelet, beans, toast, and two piles of something white. Hmmmm. We had some coffee that was grown here in Honduras and that was delicious. Now I am on the computer and the man who works at the desk is trying to find us a way to get to Lake Yojoa... He told me it would be $150 to have a tour of the lake and the city... and then he told me $120 for just the lake plus a waterfall and hotel thing. I told him that was too much............. so now he tells me $100 is the cheapest. I am going to go ask Caitlin now. I hope each of you is doing well. Comment on here or email me or facebook or whatever. I would LOVE to hear from you.
In His grace,

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