In Siguatepeque!!!!!!


We are here in Siguatepeque, where we will spend 3 weeks!

We ate some fruit loops this morning, along with fruit cake/cinnamon roll. It was pretty good! We packed up and Silvia came to the bed and breakfast to take us to the bus station. I am glad she was there to help with getting the ticket, putting the bags under... she is wonderful and is the director of the school. We had a beautiful 2 hour bus ride and it was so fun to look out the window and listen to music.

Carla picked us up at the cafeteria where we were dropped off, and she took us to Luis and Abby's home. They are WONDERFUL and Luis knows some English. We talked with him for a while over Honduran coffee (so good... not as strong as coffee in the US) and we asked him a lot of questions after dinner. We ate at about 8pm here (I was so hungry) and it was baleadas... I think! They made the tortillas and put beans, mantequilla (their sour cream kinda), and queso that looks like feta kinda. It was so good. We both had 3. Some friends of theirs came over and Cait and I played games with Jenny and Kelly (Swap, landa (tag)...) It was super fun. They are so cute. We have been speaking English and Spanish and learning lots of new words and learning about the culture here.

The climate is much better here. It is pretty much perfect. San Pedro was kinda humid... and it is really nice here. You can wear a tank top and pants (or a skirt) and be comfortable throughout the day. I am on a laptop right now in their family room and I think we will be able to use this! Yeah!! Okay... I am going to get my pajamas on and let Caitlin use the computer. Love love love.

PS We have church tomorrow (Iglesia Betel)... I am looking forward to it!


  1. Amiga!! It sounds so great so far :-)
    Keep the updates coming!

    Love you!

  2. it sounds wonderful.
    what are your responsibilities at the escuela?
    priscilla had her first final yesterday...fie noe lee take out your yellow colored pencil.
    glad you can use the compy.


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