FUN day!!


I found a way to smile... this keyboard is different but here you go... :). Yessss.
The last time I wrote, I was about to ask Caitlin about paying for a taxi ride to the lake...

Here is a paragraph she wrote:
We also went to Lake Yojoa, the biggest fresh water reserve in Honduras. It was very big. We stopped by this incredibly nice hotel and walked all around. We saw lots of pretty flowers and funny statues. We then went to a restaurant and we were going to share some tilapia? (fish) but they did not understand that so they gave us each our own plate! It was so much food and an interesting experience to pick the deep fried fish off the bones and have the little eyes looking at you. We also tried baked Platanos and some different salad stuff that we did not find very appetizing. We did have an enjoyable time with the limes though.

Here are some photos:
Here are some more photos...

This is Pulhanpanzak (I think that is how it is spelled). We walked down lower where it was super misty!!! It was so beautiful... It would have been fun to have friends and family there.... we have mist you all!

We were at Hotel Finca de Las Glorias on the lake and we saw this guy! I asked if we could take his picture. He said no. I did anyway. He was pissed.

Okay bye.

Caitlin and Gabriella

PS Here is an awkward pic of us and our nicey nice taxi driver. His name is Jose and we had fun talking with him all day.

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  1. Gabriella! It looks like you are having so much fun!!!!


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