Escuela Bilingüe Siguatepeque!

Sorry I have not updated in a while. We have been at the school for 3 days now and it is so much fun. I am helping out in the class of Miss Laura, who is a bilingual Hondureña. She teaches 3rd and 4th graders in English... although she has a lot of subjects to teach. The school is a bilingual school, and there are about half English speaking teachers and half Spanish speaking teachers. There are a few more Spanish speaking teachers because of computers, art... and most of the administration will only speak Spanish. Miss Laura teaches science, reading, phonics, and maybe more. The students have had tests in the morning... and this week we have half days. That is so nice!!
We have gotten to meet some other teachers, and the English speaking teachers are awesome! They have totally welcomed us in and that is so wonderful. Our host family is the best. We have had so much fun playing cards, eating amazing food, washing dishes, plunging toilets, playing with their 3 cute dogs, taking walks, and more! There is so much to say and it is hard to write about it to a computer. ¿¿Know what I mean??
Debbie (a really neat teacher from San Diego) took Caitlin and I to downtown Sigua to see everything. It was really neat and was way different from this side of town which has more houses and little stores. It is a 10 minute walk from our house to the school, and a 15 minute walk from her to downtown. We had liquados at Punto del Encuentro (Point of Encounter), which is a super cute ice cream/sandwich shop... Liquados are kinda like smoothies but way cheaper. We paid L15 for each liquado, and since it is 19 Lempiras to a dollar... it was super cheap!! ALSO, guess what? Guess how much it is for a cup of coffee down here. Just think in your head how much you think it is. It is 6 Lempiras!!!!! That is like 25 cents for a cup of coffee. Wow. We also went to La Princesita, which is a really cute bakery. I love this place. Cait and I are going to explore so much. I am so thankful God has provided in incredible ways for us. It is so neat to be adventuring around in this beautiful country!!
Oh- another thing! We have had a ton of cool opportunities thrown in our laps. For example, Siliva asked us if we could teach 2 classes of English, which start tomorrow. Also, we were asked by another teacher (she is from Canada) if we could cover her adult English classes next week because she will be traveling. We were also asked to run an English station at this reading/library fair on the 30th, and we were also asked if we could tutor a 2nd grader who needs help. I love these random ways we are able to help!
I tried 305 times to get pictures to load, and there is no way it is happening. Bummer. Sorry. I will upload some when I can. The internet is kinda sketchy, even in the school computer lab where I am right now.
Have a fantastic day!!


  1. it was so fun to see you and your host family on the computer.
    today we played volleyball at park with hahn gates follingstad and althausen.
    it was super fun. hahn follingstad and alt came over for bbq after and we had tri tip and cranberry salad. love you uber mucho. enjoy iglesia

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    you guys are great and I'm excited for your return to hear all about your crazy adventures. I'm praying for you guys!


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