¡¡Estoy Aqui en Honduras!!

Hola todos!!!

I am here ¨? Let´s just say that it´s a smiley face... this keyboard is weird and that is the face it makes when I try. Oh well. I got to Houston, spent the night at my wonderful Grandparents´home (after a delicious meal) and then off to the airport at 6am! Caitlin and I met up and flew over together. We were both pretty tired and slept some. We arrived and went through customs, got all our luggage, and were picked up my nice Juan Carlos! He totally had our names on a sign!! ¡Yes! How cool that this keyboard has upside down exclamation marks. Oh yeah.

okay. There has been a mosquito biting my legs. There was another one and he copied the first. What a biter. I bave approximately 35 bites. Gotta go. Love love love.


  1. YAY! i love you and eae loves you and we sent your package today filled with tiny bits of love and goodness for you! =) we can do smiley faces here in this country! we love you and went on a bikeride and to ano nuevo! love the elephant seals! have fun we LOVE YOU!

  2. buenas senorita.
    i thought you brought anti bite stuff. are the prices reasonable at the mall? is there a farmer market of outdoor shops? how will you get to the school? love you mucho. take lots of pics.


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