Hi All!

I hope each of you is doing well! I am in the computer lab at school and the internet is being really slow/ not working… so I am writing this in a word document and then I will transfer it over to my blog when the internet starts to work for me!

So, we went to the Copan Ruins this past weekend! Deb and Brian (awesome teachers here who are from the states) took us and we had an incredible time!! We left Friday right after school and took a bus to San Pedro. The bus was suuuper crowded at first, but it got less crowded as we kept going on. The bus stopped a lot along the highway at small villages to drop people off and pick new people up. There are no formal bus stops here, just places where people will stand! (There are a few big bus terminals in the country, though.) We got into San Pedro and got a ticket to Copan. This bus was a lot nicer and we were thankful to have a bit of breathing room and comfier seats.

We got into Copan at around 630pm and dropped our stuff off at the Blue Iguana, which is a really neat hostel. It was 100L a night so that was incredible! 5 bucks for a safe place to stay! We left to find Comedor Mary, where we ate for the evening. I had a pupusa (which I won in a bet between the 4 of us!) and the one I got was filled with pollo. It was really good- a small kinda fried tortilla filled with a veggie or meat. I also ordered catrachas, which were huge tortilla chips with frijoles y queso on top. We all split anafre, which is a bowl of frijoles y quesillo with tortilla chips sticking out the top. That bowl is heated by a candle underneath! My meal was about 3 dollars (including my cappuchino!)… food is really good and pretty inexpensive here!

On Saturday we definitely rode horses to this small aldea (little village with a few houses)! The ride was so fun- our horses walked, trotted, and galloped! Wow! They made corn husk dolls there and the girls were so pushy and surrounded us almost the whole time! They were cute when you talked to them… but they kept asking and asking and asking! It actually got to be kind of funny! We hiked up to a few rocks that they Mayans carved into and Berto was a great guide as he explained lots of things to us. We then had coffee and cookies in a small house/hut and talked with the cute kids there. Then we went to a small restaurant that overlooked the valley and we could see the city of Copan as well as some ruins! It was gorgeous.

We rode back (galloping a lot of the way!) and then we took a mototaxi to GUATEMALA!!!!!!!!! We took pictures and it was lots of fun. Then we went shopping at some of the stores they had there. There were about 824 hippies lining the streets with their cool jewelry they made! It was neat to see all of the creative things they made themselves!!! I wish I was that talented. We had baleadas for dinner (which is what we had our first night in Sigua) and mine had chicken and egg inside. Brian described it well… eating two generations at one time. Later that night we went to a circus, and I don’t think that I would be able to even start to describe that experience.

For Sunday morning breakfast we had licuados or coffee with some trail mix, dried fruit, and nuts Caitlin and I brought! (Thanks Mom!) We started walking to the ruins and this family in a pick-up truck stopped and asked us if we wanted a ride! Okay!!! We got in the back of their truck and had a free ride to the ruins, which was not too far away. We walked around and saw all of the neat structures the Mayans had built. We went exploring, climbed up a wall, went behind the “No Pasar” sign, uncovered ancient Mayan ruins, and stuff like that.

Shoot. Kids have class in here next. I gotta go. Enjoy the pics.


  1. what does no pasar mean?
    i love you
    so glad you called skype
    matt c and dan r are here for dinner and frisbee right now

  2. i love moms comment! i for one will not use any spanish just cuz you are in the honduras. (haha) anyways, it was fun talking to you tonight and enunciating our hearts away! love you!

  3. What a rich experience you are having there! I love you, Dad


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